eCommerce Fulfliment operations simplified


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Probably simplest way to fulfil orders

  • Step 1 : Quick Integration

    Simply integrate your online store with fulfilment by GoFly platform with one single API to push all your orders to our fulfilment centre. Alternatively, bulk import orders with file upload or create in store orders using customer support apps.

  • Step 2 : Send your products to GoFly

    Create in-bound shipment details on platform and simply ship your products to GoFly fulfilment Centre.

  • Step 3 : GoFly Stores your products

    GoFly receives and scan your inventory, we will send you inbound inventory notifications once on-boarding process is complete. GoFly stores your products in our ready-to-ship inventory to pick and pack them as soon as we receive order from your stores. You will be able to monitor inventory by logging into our fulfilment platform.

  • Step 4 : Your customers order your products

    Your customer places order on your web store or on other channels such as in store customer support apps or from other market places.

  • Step 5 : GoFly Picks and Packs your products

    Fulfilment by GoFly picks, packs and Quality Check your order. Our highly automated delivery allocations system allocates delivery driver and van for on time delivery of your order to your customers. We provide automated yet personalised notifications to customer 24Hrs and 2Hrs before delivery as well provide tracking information.

  • Step 6 : GoFly delivers your products

    GoFly delivers your products within your country  at date and time selected by your customers. We also provide order level support to your customers.